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Houston Teacher Gives Student a Lap Dance

By on Apr 26, 2014 in Houston Crime News Blog, The Houston Area |

We don’t know went through the mind of Felicia Smith, a 42 year old middle school teacher who likes to give her teenage students lap dances for their birthdays. Seems middle school has changed. Clearly this lady doesn’t watch the news because it seems that everyday you hear about some female teacher giving up the goodies to a young boy. She better think...

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Arrested in Houston? Houston’s Criminal Defenders Can Help

By on Apr 18, 2014 in The Houston Area |

In a beautiful city like Houston, with its perfect year round Texas climate, friendly people, and some of the best eating known to man, one must not forget about our starved-tiger like, ferocious, over-zealous law enforcement agencies who harass tourist and locals in the name of public safety. To name a few of the agencies conducting law enforcement in the general...

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