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Houston Criminal Defenders (HCD) is dedicated to sharing contact information for the brightest, and best criminal justice professionals practicing in the greater Houston area. We don’t list attorneys because we can, we list attorneys because we respect them, their practice, and the quality of their websites.

Our Listings

Listed in this index are attorneys who have gone the extra mile to serve their clients, attorneys who mainly operate in the Houston area, and attorneys of high moral statute.

Purpose of Our Website

In the full spirit of not being deceptive, this website is more than about listing respectable Houston lawyers. This website is based on a project for a Houston area legal professional looking to keep a listing of their clients, potential clients, and the well respected competition of those clients.

This website is also meant to serve as a driving map.

In short, we made the decision to publicize this website for our own convenience.

Want to Remove Links to Your Website?

Although we highly recommend you allow your listing to remain on this website, we will honor all link removal requests, however, we will not remove the listing.