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Texas Bank Robbery Cases

Texas Bank Robbery Cases

By on Jun 28, 2017 in Blog |

Texas is not new to criminal activities such as theft and bank robbery. If anything, some of the world’s most famous bank robbery attempts happened here. While cases of theft are rampant, it does not mean the authorities here are not working on the matter. The FBI and police work day in day out to try and do away with this vice. The most recent bank robbery attempt took place on 1 February 2017.

About the bank robbery attempt

Dallas police and FBI had to appear at the scene of crime in the early hours of Wednesday morning this time not for any other case but for attempted bank robbery. Two men entered the bank of Texas located on the 4200 block of Live Oak Street and while shooting in the air they demanded cash from the counters.

Police however claims that nobody was injured during the criminal activity and the driver of the getaway car is in custody where he will help with further investigation.

As bank robbery and theft is a federal crime, the police and the federal unit are working hand in hand to ensure that those responsible are brought to book according to police deputy chief Thomas Castro.

Is this the first case of bank robbery attempt in Texas?

Definitely not. Recently, the jury in the states found the leader of a crime group called the Bandidos guilty and sentenced him to death. Though his attorney had tried to convince the jury otherwise, it was clear that Hussein was guilty of all the mentioned crimes including theft and serial bank robberies in and around Texas.

“Attorneys have a duty to defend their clients and we understand it when they try to defend criminals like Hussein,” said the chief inspector. He added that the authorities would continue to weed out all the criminals in the state in order to make it safe for the public.


Cases of bank robbery and theft are not new to the people of Texas. However, the police and the FBI are working hard to do away with the vice. They are currently hunting down two gunmen who are believed to be behind the numerous bank robbery cases in Texas.