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Prostitution, Pimping & Texas Criminal Law

Prostitution, Pimping & Texas Criminal Law

By on Mar 22, 2021 in Sex Crimes | 0 comments

It’s not uncommon for our readers to seek out a skilled Houston criminal defense lawyer for many sex crime offenses, many of which, include prostitution related offenses. If you or a loved one were arrested and charged with a sex crime in Houston, we recommend contacting Jack B. Carroll & Associates.


Pimping or promoting prostitution is a crime since it involves making money from prostitute’s earnings. For example if “Jacob” were to agree with” Charlie” to split the fee that was obtained by “Olivia” through the act of prostitution, that’s a crime as it involves promoting prostitution. If Jacob asked Charlie to engage in sexual contact with Olivia for a fee, then they would also be committing a crime.

In Houston, Texas “aggravated promotion” is taken to be a more serious crime. Notably, this is because the accuser knowingly invests in, controls, finances or manages a prostitution enterprise that uses more than one prostitute.


  • If you’re found promoting prostitution or pimping, then you will be fined up to $ 4,000, one year in prison or both.
  • Aggravated promoting defenders end up serving ten years or a fine of up to $ 10,000 or both.


Anyone in Houston, Texas who knowingly engages in sex for money or other valuable items or solicits another person in a public place for sexual conduct is committing a crime.


When one is found guilty of committing prostitution, they’re sentenced to 180 days in jail or fined $ 2,000 or both. Those engaging in the illegal act for the second time will be fined up to $ 4,000 or 12 months in jail or both. Those committing the crime for the third time end up serving two years in prison, a fine of up to $ 10,000 or both.

Compelling Prostitution

Houston criminal defense lawyer for prostitution offensesThis crime involves knowingly making a child under the age of 18 to engage in prostitution. Something to note is that it doesn’t matter whether the defendant knew the age of the child or not, as it remains to be a crime. Also, causing other people above 18 years to commit prostitution by use of threats, force or fraud is also compelling prostitution.


Compelling prostitution for a person younger than 18 includes a fine of up to $ 10,000 or serve at least five years in prison or both. If the person was over 18 years, you will serve at least two years in jail or up to $ 10,000 or both.

To sum up, according to 2018 news in August the Houston police department arrested 54 people who were charged with prostitution. Another arrest occurred in Houston most famous hotels around downtown, where people were imprisoned for committing the crime. Notably, this indicates that the government is working around the clock to eliminate the sexual offenses.

Prostitution References in Houston’s Media Cesspool

Arrested for Prostitution in Harris County, TX?

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If you’re looking for a best way to fight back against a prostitution charge or another sex crime in Texas, we recommend contacting a Houston criminal defense lawyer as your first step.