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About Getting Listed

It was never the intention of the HoustonCriminalDefenders project to open to the public, and charge for listings of criminal defense law practices, however, feel free to inquire about being listed in this criminal defense attorney index under the following conditions;

  • you have not been sanctioned or disciplined in your legal practice,
  • your profile can be found on the Texas Bar website,
  • You do not have a bad reputation in the Houston legal community,
  • if you are one of our clients.

Benefits of Being Listed

There are a few benefits to being listed on If you happen to be one of the few criminal defense attorneys or criminal defense law firms we list in our index. There is a bullet point list of benefits below.

  • You are listed in fine company with the best criminal defense attorneys in Houston.
  • We provide driving directions to your law practice.
  • We list phone numbers (in some cases) to your criminal defense law practice.
  • We always make sure to link your website.
  • We work to improve the quality of older listings.
  • We have no intention on listing every criminal defense lawyer in Houston, or even most of them.
  • We didn’t charge you a fee.
  • You may get leads from us.

Why Being Listed is Not So Beneficial

  • We do not market this website.
  • Other lawyers listings will obviously compete with yours.
  • We may place ads on this website at some point, creating more competition.
  • You don’t have much control over your listing other than by contacting us and sending a request.

Thanks for reading.