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In a beautiful city like Houston, with its perfect year round Texas climate, friendly people, and some of the best eating known to man, one must not forget about our starved-tiger like, ferocious, over-zealous law enforcement agencies who harass tourist and locals in the name of public safety.

To name a few of the agencies conducting law enforcement in the general Houston, Harris County, Fort Bend County, Brazoria County, Chambers County, Montgomery County, Waller County, San Jacinto County, Liberty County, and Galveston County areas, see the listings below.

That’s just to name a few. This list doesn’t take into account over lapping law enforcement nor does it list the Baytown Police Department, which are just as ballsy and over confident as any law enforcement agency in Texas.

We’re not against police or champions of the notion that “the police are bad”, but when you are on the receiving end of law enforcement its hard to come away with high spirits.

If you are ever arrested for a criminal offense in Houston, contact a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as you can. If you arrested for a DWI, drug offense, or a felony then talk to Attorney Carvana Cloud, Jack B. Carroll, or Tad Nelson for an aggressive criminal defense in the court of law that will send you home rather than to jail.