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Every day people are arrested going to and from Galveston, TX for criminal offenses related to driving while intoxicated on alcohol. Some people are habitual DWI offenders and others aren’t. Some people have had more than 1 or 2 DWI related arrests in Galveston, and others are first time offenders.

The Good News

First time DWI offenders may be able to avoid jail time, and in some cases, avoid the stigma of having a criminal record related to the charge following you around ruining your future and potential job opportunities. Talk with a licensed criminal defense lawyer to learn more.

The Bad News

If you’re arrested for more than one DWI offense then its likely that you’ll have to serve jail time and be charged as a felon.

If you’re arrested in Galveston

Talk with a lawyer as soon as you bond out about fighting the criminal charges against you.

Click here to learn more about the lawyer we recommend for Galveston DWI cases.