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Don’t Discuss Your Houston Criminal Charge

Don’t Discuss Your Houston Criminal Charge

By on May 12, 2016 in Tips For The Accused |

A person who becomes a suspect for a criminal offense in Houston shouldn’t discuss their charge with any if experienced Houston criminal defense attorneys are to be trusted. Criminal case litigation can be a very touchy and delicate subject making the need for discretion an imperative.

Why Shouldn’t You Discuss Your Case?

A Texas criminal lawyer with experience can better explain why “keeping your mouth shut” is a best practice among people facing criminal charges in Houston. If people around you ask you about your criminal charge the only thing you should say, if anything, is that you’re being represented by an attorney.

The Law Firm of Oklahoma’s blog goes into great detail as to why it’s a bad idea to talk about your case with anyone other than your attorney.

It should go without saying that if you shouldn’t incriminate yourself by talking about your case, you definitely shouldn’t publicly post information about your case or your criminal activity on Facebook. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize that the information they share on social media goes far beyond their innermost circles. A survey of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers showed that 80 percent of respondents used Facebook and other social media platforms to gain evidence of a crime.

Word To The Wise

If a defendant makes the mistake and goes into open discussion about their case it could prove detrimental. For one, anyone you talk with can be subpeonaed later, only to show their ass in court, turning against you. It’s usually best not to talk about your life with frienemies anyway.

Man with Mouth Taped Shut on White

Secondly, discussing your case could also be used to destroy your character, from a number of different perspectives. Even the way you talked or “bragged” about your case can be used against you. Remember, potential witness are subject to the law, meaning they can be bullied by the criminal justice system into cooperating with law enforcement officials.

Consult a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one was the subject of a Houston criminal charge it’s important that you seek legal representation as soon as possible. Whether you’ve been accused of a felonious offender, or one of a misdemeanor classification, a competent Houston criminal lawyer will be able to give you the advice that will serve you best.